Finally there is a forum for me to share my thoughts:

Life is very interesting. Some 27 years ago I walked through the doors of a local Karate school in Montreal where I was living and grew up. I wanted to find a new sport after hockey. I played fairly competitive hockey from the age of 5 until 17. I was never motivated enough or skilled enough to be at the professional level, so when High School ended, so did competitive hockey for me. I had always wanted to learn a martial art in a serious manner. I had taken a year of Judo when I was 6 which I really enjoyed but I always wanted to do more striking type work. I had in my later teens dabbled for a year with White Crain King Fu, (my Sifu also moved shortly thereafter to Toronto and we have reco

Our new website is finally live!

Toronto Kyokushinkai Karate and Kickboxing opened its doors in 2002. At that time we rented space from a very generous Shotokan Dojo run by Kancho Okoyama on The Danforth. The dojo name then was OSU Kyokushinkai Karate. At around the same time one of Sensei Darren's friends, Eric created the first OSU Kyokushinkai Toronto webpage. It lasted us close to 14 years, (well we may have overextended its use the last 3-4 years). By today's standards its technology was old and it became harder and harder to keep updated, especially as we have been growing each year and our programming has evolved along with that growth. Back in 2002 I had Sempai Andrew, myself and maybe 6-8 students. Our classes were

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