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Panda Preschool Program is an active enriched learning environment targeting children aged 3-5 years to provide learning, development, and socialization skills in preparation for entry to Kindergarten or Grade 1 schooling.

We provide activities and teach skills that will meet the needs and interests of all children. Programs that will stimulate and challenge your early learner while providing individual attention where additional help or enrichment is required.


Comprehensive Learning Curriculum

At Panda Preschool, your child won’t just play – even though they will do plenty of that! Your child will be involved in an array of activities that will focus on several developmental areas:

  • Language and Literacy Skills

  • Printing Skills

  • Math Skills

  • Personal and Social Development Skills

  • Cognitive Skills

  • Science Exploration and Experimentation

  • Art, Including Painting, Music and Drama

  • Active Games, Yoga and Kids Karate will build your child’s coordination flexibility and confidence while keeping healthy in mind body and spirit!


Teaching is delivered in small groups to build patience and listening skills. Our daily program includes five learning stations, physical activities, healthy snack and  plenty of time for free play with friends.

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Give Your Child a Head Start

Panda Preschool will include additional experiences, including:

  • Early Readers Program 

  • STEM and Problem-Solving Activities

  • Hands on Math Exercises, Patterning and Measurement Activities

  • Active Games, Yoga and Kids Karate 

  • Drama, Arts and Crafts 

  • Little Chefs learn to prepare healthy snacks 


Our aim is to help children develop their self-esteem and confidence and to be happy and curious learners.


We offer a Variety Preschool Programs to Nurture Your Child's Growth

Although it can be a difficult to choose the BEST Preschool program for your child, here are three reasons to choose Panda Preschool:

  • Your child will learn social skills. When children go to Preschool, they interact with other children their age and learn important skills such as listening to others, helping others, and taking turns.

  • Your child will get a jump start on academics. A well-designed Preschool can provide your child with the foundation needed for literacy skills, mathematical skills, motor skills, and more to succeed in life.

  • Your child will begin developing a sense of independence. Children will learn self-help skills as they follow classroom rules, which in turn will help them develop a sense of self-worth and a respect for others.


Research has indicated that the early years are critical for successful child development. Children need opportunities during their preschool years to learn social skills and to develop effective language and communication skills. Much of this learning takes place when children socialize with other children and that is why a structured Preschool experience is so important.


Panda Preschool’s morning program is designed to assist your child in becoming Kindergarten or Grade 1 ready. Within small groups, we provide an array of activities, from teaching your child how to hold a pencil correctly, learning numbers and patterning skills, and participating in sorting and matching activities. We help your child develop fine motor skills through art projects and sensory exploration, water table and language skills through phonetic activities, rhyming, songs and games. Our focus is to create a welcoming and fun environment so that your child will want to come to each school day.


We Also Meet a Range of Parental Needs

Our Morning Preschool is an ideal resource for parents and caregivers  who need a few hours a day to run errands, attend appointments or simply have an opportunity to relax. Weekly learning themes will be woven into all aspects of our program to ensure a wide range of subjects and topics  are covered and re-enforced through play.  

  • Monday to Friday – will include activities from our Comprehensive Learning curriculum and active games

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays – will include either Yoga, Dance or Kids Karate  

  • Mondays and Wednesdays – will include Arts and Crafts or Music and Movement.

  • Every Friday – will include an Enrichment Activity.

When your child attends Panda Preschool, we will work hard to help your child develop well-rounded skills while having fun!  

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