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Toronto Kyokushinkai Karate and Kickboxing opened its doors in 2002. At that time we rented space from a very generous Shotokan Dojo run by Kancho Okoyama on The Danforth. The dojo name then was OSU Kyokushinkai Karate. At around the same time one of Sensei Darren's friends, Eric created the first OSU Kyokushinkai Toronto webpage. It lasted us close to 14 years, (well we may have overextended its use the last 3-4 years). By today's standards its technology was old and it became harder and harder to keep updated, especially as we have been growing each year and our programming has evolved along with that growth.

Back in 2002 I had Sempai Andrew, myself and maybe 6-8 students. Our classes were held after Kancho Okoyama was done with his classes so we went from 9-10:30 PM which limited attendance and audience. Only the very dedicated wanted to train that late.

After 4 years using that space we moved next door to a "Ninjitsu" dojo. I am not sure about how authentic they may have been as I had only seen Ninjitsu in the movies, but they were very friendly as well, very accommodating and very helpful and this allowed us to continue our classes uninterrupted.

In 2006 we embarked on the journey that has taken us to our present location. We purchased a very dilapidated building in the Triangle are of the Toronto Beach. The location was chosen because of teh Beach's strong sense of community and family. Our goal was to enshrine ourselves into the community and build a solid place for serious training for adults’, children and families. The renovations took 3 times as long as planed and were 4 times over the budget. We had to remove 20 container bins of demolition debris and essentially gut the building and redo everything. It took a full year and was very stressful; however 7 years later it was worth every moment of frustration. We have realized our goal to be that strong community presence and our membership has grown considerably.

With our programming enhanced for a few years, the old site was increasingly becoming further and further out of date. We have a huge kids program but no info on our site about it. As per our history above, when the old site was created we didn’t have time that could accommodate kid’s classes as we only had access to the rented dojo after 9 PM. We really needed something that was current, showcased our offerings, provided information to our membership and served our community audience. Well here it finally is!

I have to thank Arsenyi, one of our students for the initial design. While he was not able to complete the site, (we did ourselves), he did do the initial groundwork with the template and I am always one to give credit where it is due. Our new site still has some features to come so check it out over the next few months as they get published live. We have our scheduling, pricing, class information and annual event calendar all updated (finally) and more of the information our students and families have requested of us that was lacking from our last site.

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