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Toronto Kyokushinkai Karate "Kyokushinkai, the Strongest Karate"


IKOK Branch Chief and Head Instructor: Sensei Darren Lenkorn, Yondan

We are members of the International Karate Association Kyokushinkaikan (IKOK)


Located just east of the downtown core at Kingston Road and Woodbine we serve the downtown community and all Toronto Kyokushinkai Karate practitioners, beginners and advanced, alike.


Toronto Kyokushinkai Karate offers traditional Karate lessons in Kyokushinkai Karate for people of all ages, skill levels and body types. Kyokushinkai Karate is a martial art that promotes self-awareness, personal development, discipline and a spirit of perseverance as its core values.


All classes are taught with the goal of encouraging each individual student to

  • achieve their personal best

  • overcome their perceived boundaries

  • get into the best physical and mental shape of their life.

We run separate classes for children and adults and have an open door policy. Everyone is invited to come and watch or try a free class anytime. No special uniforms or equipment needed to try. Parents are welcome to stay and watch their children’s classes or to drop off and pick up afterwards as they prefer.


We do not charge any annual membership fees or annual renewal fees. Payment for classes is based only on training time and there are no long term commitments to join. We believe that students should realize the benefit of their commitment to training.


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