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August 1, 2019

We have started a before school care program called "Active Mornings". Kids get dropped off at our dojo at 7:30 AM. They participate in 30 minutes of moderate morning activity optimized to get them alert, focused and energized for their upcoming school day. Then the kids are walked to their local schools in time for morning roll call. Morning activities will include Yoga, Martial Arts Training, Stretching, and Active Games. This program can be enrolled into as a stand alone just for mornings or combined with our after school karate program for full before and after school care. Presently schools services for Active Mornings are Norway, Bowmore and Williamson. We may be able to accommodate other schools, please inquire.

​July 20, 2019

Congratulations to Carlos Velez for being selected to represent North America tam at the 12th World Open Karate Championships in Tokyo Japan this November. Also congratulations to Henry Gervais (junior Category) and Nader Bagheri (senior category) for making the Canadian tam at the International World Championships in Japan in November 2019.


​October 1, 2018

We have started and Advanced Kids Karate Program for Yellow Kyu and higher grades. This program will allow more focus on advanced techniques, Goshinjitsu, weapons, Kumite and other advanced trainings that they would not have time to perfect in the regular kids program. It will run Wednesday and Friday's from 6-7 PM and is a separate program from our regular 7-12 year old class. The regular Tuesday and Saturday program will now focus more on basics and beginner skills.

May 4, 5 2017:

We are very privileged to have Shihan Francisco Filho at our dojo to give an Ichigeki Kickboxing Seminar and have him attend our Thursday Kyokushin class as special guest. Shihan Filho was the 1999 World Open Karate Champion, and the first non Japanese to with the event. He completed the 100 Man Kumite,  was K1 Kickboxing Champion and striking coach for season 1 TUF Brazil for team Dos Santos. This is the very first Ichigeki seminar in Canada, and I encourage everyone who can to attend.


April 1, 2017:

Toronto Kyokushinkai and Kickboxing attended the Eastern Canadian Championships and Fighting Spirit Championships in Montreal. We came home with 14 trophies from our 16 competitors including Men's Heavy and Lightweight Knockdown 2nd place and Men's Middleweight first place! Congratulations to everyone who participated and thank you to all the parents and family / friends that made the trip to Montreal ot encourage our team.


March 21, 2017

  • Summer Camp Schedule for 2017 is up and registration is open. We sold out our March Break Camp so get your Spot Now!

  • CSK Class starting this week Wednesday and Thursday evenings.


November 1, 2016

14 Students participated in the Eastern Canada Semi-Contact Tournament in Montreal and brought home a total of 10 trophies!!! Congrats to everyone!


May 10, 2016

Please check out our testimonials page. We have added some great updates!


April 2, 2016

We sent 13 students to the Eastern Canadian and Elite Canadian Championships in Montreal. Our students came back with 9 trophies: 3 First Place, 4 Second Place, 2 Third Place and the remaining all came in a close 4th! This includes Knockdown middle weight 2nd place and heavy weight 3rd place! Congratulations to everyone, and please check out the great Testimonial from parents of one of our students that competed!


March 1, 2016

We have updated our 2016 summer camp schedule. Limited spaces, so book your spot now from our Karate Shop page.


March 2, 2015

Our dojo YouTube page is finally up and live. We have uploaded Shihan's 4th and 5th Taikyoku Kata's as well as Soburi and Ichgai and some other fun stuff. This is to help you with those Kata that are specific to Eastern Canada Branch that are not done or found anywhere else. or click on the YouTube icon at the bottom of any page on our website.


February 22nd 2015

Hula Hoop fitness / dance classes have started with Amy every Sunday from 7:30 to 9:30 PM. Drop in open mat format, pay what you can and see what its all about. This is a great way to get in shape, have fun and feel young!


November 21, 2014

Toronto Kyokushin was rated as one of the Top 10 Karate Classes in Toronto!!

See the full article here:


October 10 - 12 2014

Sensei Darren and Sempai Andrew attended the 10th International Black Belt Conference in Banff Alberta. It was a great 3 day concentrated training session with instructors from around the world including Shihan Isobe from Brazil, Shihan Kenny from South Africa, Shihan Toccar from Australia, Shihan Mac from the UK, Shihan Corrgials from Western Canada, and Shihan Brezlov from Russia.



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