Indoor classes resume September 8th under enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols:

  • Children classes are now 50 minutes in order to allow for the full exit of all children between groups, and sanitation of our facility in between classes.

  • Please arrive in your dogi or exercise clothing, no use of change rooms other than for access to toilets are permitted until further notice.

  • Do not arrive early, entry will only be permitted at class commencement. No warming up or early entry permitted.

  • Check in for class requires a COVID-19 waiver signed and submitted each time you attend or per-register using our mobile App. Temperature check and verbal screening will also take place. You must use our hand sanitizer on entry.

  • No food or other items permitted during classes.

  • No spectators at this time. Only students are permitted entry.

  • First time trial 4-6 year old kids trying out class may have one parent attend provided they also follow COVID-19 check in procedures and we can accommodate. No more than 4 parents can be inside at any given time for this purpose and must sit appropriately distanced from each other.

  • Everyone will be required to exit the building between classes for sanitization

  • No sharing of any protective gear. Every student must have their own protective gear for class ages 7 years and older. The shared protective equipment previously provided by the dojo will not be available for use at this time. This applies to all classes including kickboxing, Karate, personal training etc.

  • Masks are mandatory for all classes at this time.

Kyokushinkai Karate teaches children the fundamental life skills of respect, effort, discipline and focus. Kids learn that they are stronger mentally and physically than their perceptions. They gain strength, coordination and flexibility. All of this enhances their confidence and increases motor skills. Children see these results reflected in improved school and social life. With confidence our kid’s excel because of what Kyokushin gives them.


Karate classes for ages 4-6 years:

Our little Jaguars class is optimized for the attention spans and motor skills of developing youngsters. We focus on behavior, effort, listening and respect. By teaching these basic character traits along with Karate basics, children form the important building block life skills that will allow them to socialize and learn with confidence.

Tuesday from 5-5:50 PM and Saturday from 9:15 -10:15 AM

Wednesday and Friday 5-6 PM

​Karate for ages 7-12 years:

As young lions, children in this age group have more advanced motor skills and concentration. They can start learning and master more complex movements and have greater ability to execute the various aspects of training. Kids in this age group are now held to a higher level of personal accountability. They are individually taught that they must learn to take responsibility for their efforts and their results. Classes are more intense and more physical than the little Jaguars and sparring is introduced now that the kids can understand and execute control in their movements and actions.


Class Times are Tuesday from 6:00 - 7:00PM and Saturday 10:30 - 11:30 AM


As with all of our programs, it is absolutely free to come and try a class anytime, just send us an email in advance to let us know to expect you.