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Extreme Training for the Next Fitness Generation

We searched for the best fitness tools that could provide versatility, cross functionality, challenging and fun. Most importantly they must work in multiple ways for both upper body and lower body training as well as for different results based on each of our program/class goals.


We found this in the SUPLES TRAINING SYSTEMS including Bulgarian Bag, Gladiator Wall, Snake Trainer, and Speed Dummy.


In our CSK class we incorporate these tools along with our Kickboxing for a maximum body workout that covers all muscle groups, works stabilization, strength, core, flexibility and cardio vascular in a one hour class.


We also use SUPLES SYSTEMS for our custom CSK sport specific training sessions to improve strength, coordination, balance, speed/explosiveness and stamina. We tailor their use along with free weights, body based exercises and other training methodologies to prepare athletes for their sport goals.


The Bulgarian Bag offers movements that cannot be duplicated with any other tool that allow an athlete to move in all three planes of motion during a single movement! Athletes of every sport can benefit from the unique training techniques and solutions realized by training with Bulgarian Bags. Most, if not all of the exercises that can be performed with kettle bells, dumbbells or barbells can be performed with the Bulgarian Bag.


The Snake Trainer is a rope system used for endurance and cardio training. The exercises engage not just your arms and shoulders, but your whole body. Common movements include waves, slams, throws, spirals, and whips. All involve swinging your arms up and down (or side to side) in some manner while engaging your core for timed intervals.


The Gladiator Wall allows a variety of strength, conditioning, and isometric training as well as explosive power exercises. Additional accessories that connect to the wall allow total body training.

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