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What our Students are Saying


We wanted to send you a quick email letting you know that we had a great time in Montreal at the Kyokushin Karate Eastern Championship this past weekend.


We also would like to thank you for all the work you have been doing in coaching Alexander.  He was very excited the whole trip, and thoroughly enjoyed participating in the event.  We told him... 'just go there and have fun!'  In the opening ceremony, you could see the pride in his face to be part of such a special group.


This event, the Eastern Championship, was so exciting for him, and to have won first place in his group, well, we can't tell you how proud he is and happy.  As a parent, you know that the youngest often feels a sense of competition with older siblings, and this is his first big accomplishment (in his eyes, relative to his sister) which makes it all the more special to him.  This was the first time that he won a trophy and he was so proud!  (the weekend was a little tough on Elizabeth at moments as you may well imagine, but it was a good exercise for her to be suddenly on the other side) She was enthusiastic for his opportunity and proud of her brother-she was rooting for him, cheering him on, and was jumping up and down when he was presented the trophy! We always encourage our kids to be happy for others in their shining moments. In the end, the weekend was good for both kids as a learning moment!!


We also wanted to let you know that we found the event to be really well organized, and were really impressed with all the people involved in studying in the Kyokushin discipline.  We saw that the experienced karate seniors, mentors and coaches in the organization support and demonstrate the values in life, as well as in the teachings.


We are so lucky to have found you to be Alexander's teacher and guide on this journey. Thank you for all your work and effort which shows in the pride and joy Alexander carries to be studying Kyokushin karate with you.


Vic and Valerie




Ethan is 7 years old and requires some extra attention. When I called and spoke with Sensai Darren he immediately made me feel good about choosing his camp. I signed up Ethan for 1 week of Kyokushin camp and he immediately loved it! He's now been there for over 3 weeks. Sensai Darren and his staff welcomed Ethan with open arms. They are very patient and friendly. In fact Ethan is now signed up for karate classes two times a week.


Thanks Laryl




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