Indoor classes resume September 8th under enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols:

  • Children classes are now 50 minutes in order to allow for the full exit of all children between groups, and sanitation of our facility in between classes.

  • Please arrive in your dogi or exercise clothing, no use of change rooms other than for access to toilets are permitted until further notice.

  • Do not arrive early, entry will only be permitted at class commencement. No warming up or early entry permitted.

  • Check in for class requires a COVID-19 waiver signed and submitted each time you attend. Temperature check and verbal screening will also take place. You must use our hand sanitizer on entry.

  • No food or other items permitted during classes.

  • No spectators at this time. Only students are permitted entry.

  • First time trial 4-6 year old kids trying out class may have one parent attend provided they also follow COVID-19 check in procedures and we can accommodate. No more than 4 parents can be inside at any given time for this purpose and must sit appropriately distanced from each other.

  • Everyone will be required to exit the building between classes for sanitization

  • All memberships have been increased by $5 to cover the additional cost of sanitization and maintenance to be able to operate indoors under present COVID-19 circumstances.

  • No sharing of any protective gear. Every student must have their own protective gear for class ages 7 years and older. The shared protective equipment previously provided by the dojo will not be available for use at this time. This applies to all classes including kickboxing, Karate, personal training etc.

  • Masks are mandatory at this time for all training.


Adult Kyokushin Karate classes are held three times per week. Members are permitted to attend as many classes as they wish. Beginners can join at any time and are encouraged to work with senior students during classes in a mentoring environment.


Training follows traditional Kyokushinkai Karate methodology, focusing on - Kihon (basics) - Kata (coordinated sequence of movements) and - Kumite (sparring). We value self-respect, discipline and equality.


Kyokushinkai Karate is ideal for developing

  • Discipline

  • Strength

  • Coordination

  • Self confidence


It is suitable for people of all ages who are looking for a demanding workout while learning martial arts and self-defense skills.


Class times are:

Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7:10 - 8:30 PM
Saturday from 11:45 AM to 1:15 PM


As with all of our programs, it is absolutely free to come and try a class anytime, just send us an email in advance to let us know to expect you.