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Our renowned Kids Karate program runs year round. Classes teach respect, focus, concentration, and perseverance. Kids learn that the only secret to success is sweat. Your children gain confidence, strength, coordination, flexibility and see improvements in school and all walks of life.


We offer an alternative to regular sedentary morning and after school daycare. Our complete character building program allows children to maximize their time before school with moderate exercise to optimize children's focus and energy for the upcoming school day, and after school by training in Karate, learning self-defense, building confidence, learning respect, being active and gaining skills that will teach them to become leaders in life. This program offers morning drop off at and after school pick up from local schools!


Our famous PA day March Break and Summer day camps are known for fun. Kids train in Karate and sports conditioning. They enjoy outdoor and indoor games, crafts, activities and free play. Kids will be taught self-defense, anti-bullying and other life skills as well as enjoy socializing with peers and playing with friends.

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