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Our After School program is full for the 2023 / 2024 school season. We do have a wait list that you are welcome to inquire to be added to.

We still have space for Before School with drop off at Norway and Bowmore PS.

Before School "Active Mornings" Program:

Children are dropped at our studio at 7:30 AM and will do a 30 minute moderate fitness class. Intensity and activity are designed to optimize kids focus, energy and awareness in preparation for the upcoming school day. Fitness activities will include Yoga, Martial Arts, Stretching and Active Games. Kids will then be walked to their local school in time for Morning arrival. We will be accommodating children from Norway, Bowmore and Williamson. Other schools may be able to be accommodated, please inquire.

Children can be enrolled into Active Mornings as a stand alone program or it can be combined with our After School Karate program for full Before and After School care as an alternative to daycare.

After School Karate With Sports Fitness Training:

Starting each September and running throughout the school year, includes daily Karate classes with pick up from local schools. We accommodate pick up from Norway, Bowmore, Kew, Williamson and Kimberly and have bus drop arrangements with George Etienne Cartier, La Mosaic, St. Denis and St. Johns.

Kids are walked back to our studio or dropped here by their school bus. The children have snack time, and then participate in a one hour class. Kids must be picked up no later than 6PM. Classes are primarily Karate and include some sports fitness.

FAQ's for Before and After School Programs

When are the Active Morning classes?

Active Mornings runs daily from 7:30 AM until the children leave to be dropped at their respective schools.

Can I just enroll in Active Mornings, or just enroll in After School Karate or do I have to do both?

Our programs can be enrolled in separately or jointly. You can just do mornings, just do after school or enroll in both for complete before and after school activity needs.

When are the After School Karate program classes?

Daily After School Program: Monday to Friday daily classes from 4:15-5:15 pm (Tuesday the class will end at 5 PM). Pick up from local schools after school and parent pick up by 6 PM


​I can’t get my kids to the after school program, is there pick up?

Yes, we will pick your child up from Kew Beach PS,  Bowmore, Williamson,  Kimberly and Norway PS after school and take them to the dojo. Several other schools have arranged bus drop at either Norway PS or at our studio including St. Johns, St. Denis, La Mosaic and George Etienne Cartier. We will work with you to find a pick up solution, however some schools simply fall out of our bus rout zone and cannot be accommodated.

What happens after school between pick up and the 4pm class?

There will be time for the kids to have a small snack and change. We ask that you provide this nut free snack and pack a water bottle so they can replenish their energy after the long school day and be ready for class.


What will my kids do after the After School Karate class until I can pick them up?

They can have free play or work on homework. This depends on what each individual parent wishes. We can help them in most grade school subjects including English and French.


What will my kids get out of the programs?

  • Much faster progress in their karate development due to increased class attendance

  • The inclusion of regular self-defence training

  • Inclusion of regular discussions on anti-bullying techniques and training

  • Sports fitness training for improvement in strength, speed, agility, cardio etc.

  • Increased confidence, discipline, physical shape, well-being and mental conditioning (including better focus)

  • Learn about the culture associated with Kyokushin Karate. For example, OSU, part of the name of our program and a word we use throughout the classes, means respect. It comes from Osu No Senshin, meaning “Spirit of Perseverance.” Essentially the concept is to never stop trying and to push ourselves beyond what we think we can do.


I am concerned about bullying at school; it seems to be getting much worse. How can your program help my child?

Bullying is a problem kids are facing more and more today. At the dojo we’ve seen how previously bullied kids, some who have been bullied for years, have increased their self-esteem and learned how to appropriately and peacefully stand up to their bullies.


Is this a daycare program?

No, this is not a daycare before or after school program. This is an opportunity for your child to take part in daily karate and sports training, and have the opportunity to explore aspects of the art that are only able to be occasionally touched on in our current, twice-weekly class program. With 4+ hours of training each week, we will have the time to really delve into the full curriculum each and every week, train all aspects of the art, help your children understand how to feel good about themselves through the physical workouts, help them learn how to protect themselves physically and mentally in self-defense, anti-bullying sessions and improve their sports skills during footwork, dry land training and other fitness drills.

What Ages can participate?

The Active Mornings and After School Karate programs are designed for children for JK to grade 6.


When do I need to pick my kid(s) up?

You must pick up your child by 6 PM each day.

How Much is the Active Mornings Before School Program?

$250 per month, 5 day per week morning program with drop off at Norway and Bowmore.

​​How much is the After School Karate Program?

One Day Weekly:     $68. per month (inquire if available)

Twice Weekly:          $135. per month (inquire if available)

Three Days Weekly: $202.  per month

Four Days Weekly:   $270. per month

5 Days Weekly:        $337. per month


We encourage parents to come and watch their kids during the classes. As per our current programs, this is not a requirement, but our open door policy remains.



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