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Hit, Kick, Punch and Crunch your way into the best shape of your life with our Kickboxing program. Two programs are available depending on what you are looking for.


CSK: (Cardio, Strength Kickboxing). This is the workout of Kickboxing mixed with strength cardio and balance training. You get all the benefits of the conditioning and skills without having to worry about being hit. We combine strength, core and flexibility training into each class for a total body workout.

Ichigeki Kickboxing: Ichigeki is the Kickboxing style developed by K1 Grand Champion and Kyokushinkai World Champion Francisco Filho. This is a more technical training with light sparring (for those that wish). It will still include strength and cardio training combined with the Ichigeki course. Ichigeki has not resumed since COVID closures. We do not know when we will resume this class.


Our studio is child friendly and many participants bring their little ones and let them play while they attend class.


Class times are:

CSK Kickboxing:

Sunday 9:30-10:30 AM

As with all of our programs, it is absolutely free  to come and try a class anytime, just send us an email in advance to let us know to expect you.

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